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Our Story

I was born in the beautiful city of New York, of Cuban and Dominican heritage. Growing up with a Dominican mom, she introduced me to her delicious food. She also made sure I experienced my father’s side, Cuban cuisine, which is very similar with minimal differences. The man who raised me, truly my dad, is Dominican and taught me many amazing dishes from this beautiful island I hold so dear in my heart. Empanadas originated in Spain and have been created in many parts of the world. They are a reminder of my youth. I dedicated 17 years of my life to the Hospitality/Travel industry and 11 years to teaching. Those years allowed me to explore other cultures, their beauty, music and most importantly their food. Today I find myself creating and incorporating memorable flavors I have savored throughout my travels and honoring each in the form of an empanada. I will continuously create more flavors, but for now, please enjoy these made with nothing more or less than love.


Meet Theresa

Owner and creative mind behind our gourmet empanadas

Meet Amanda

Business partner, daughter, and the creative baker of our delicious desserts

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